MarKing Pro

MarKing Pro

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MarKing Pro is an applicative software conceived for the marking of terminal blocks, cables, push-buttons, contactors.

The software, easy to use and extremely versatile, allows to set the parameters for the marking, by using sequences of characters and symbols which can be varied according to the specific user’s needs, and a set of cards, which can be selected from a database inside the software.

MarKing Pro system requires neither a printer nor a specific plotter, considering that it is conceived to fit to the most common plotters on sale, thanks to plates that allow to fit to Cabur’s marking formats. To ensure an instant usability of MarKing Pro solution, the software is provided with the related adaptation plate, selected on the basis of end Customer’s specific needs.

Thanks to the intuitive user-friendly interface and to the graphic elements, MarKing Pro is easy to use and allows to see the final result before the printing and it does not require particular computer skills. Furthermore, Cabur offers a service of marking realization which can be provided on the basis of the files created by the Customer by using MarKing Pro. If you send your MarKing Pro files to Cabur, you will get an offer and a service as efficient as possible and with a sure result.

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