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Speed Rail


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Speed Rail is an application software, conceived to simplify and speed up the composition of a rail assembly, by using Cabur’s terminal blocks.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface and to the graphic elements, Speed Rail is easy to use and does not require particular computer skills; furthermore the software leads and assists the user throughout the whole rail assembly’s drawing phases

• removing and putting automatically the End Sections, as needed, to protect the uncovered contacts or by placing them where the insulation has to be maintained
• putting automatically cross-connection barriers whereas connections are too close
• reporting the danger of short-circuit and suggesting to put an end section or a cross-connection barrier
• placing the connections in an optimal way in order to ensure the maximum insulation.

Speed Rail allows you to plan, quickly and efficiently, your rail assembly departing from the mounting rail’s holes and the arrangement of supports, going up to the laying of the protection cover, and passing through the insertion of the terminal blocks, the marking, the creation of connections between the terminal blocks, going into details up to the insertion of the modular test plugs, or even plugs into sockets for derivation plugs.

Thanks to the 3D view you can see your rail assembly from all angles as if it were physically in your hands, and observe how the different drawing phases evolve.

According to your needs, you can easily choose the more suitable terminal blocks: the catalogue’s information are collected inside the program and considering that to each specific terminal block are associated the relating information concerning its accessories, you will not bother to look for the codes.

Once the entire details are defined, Speed Rail will automatically create a bill of materials and let you immediately ask for an offer about the necessary products and/or about the service dedicated to the rail assembly’s mounting.


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