UL CSA Certification now covers new line EFC (Easy Fast Connection)

UL CSA Certification now covers new line EFC (Easy Fast Connection)

Cabur EFC420BL
Cabur is proud to inform that the new EFC (Easy Fast Connection) spring terminal blocks with Push-In technology are now covered by UL CSA Certification in addition to the other conformities achieved by the latest Terminal Blocks product line.

UL and CSA Marks indicate that the product was tested by UL and meets both US and Canadian standards. Consequently, cURus mark is the UL component mark certifying the component is approved by US and Canadian standards.

In addition to be a strong enabler for North American markets these certifications, even if non strictly mandatory in Europe, enforce Cabur product quality and reliability and attest once more the investments made by the Company on product development.

Following is the list of newly added codes:

Feed-Through, Earth, Disconnect and Fuse Holders Terminal Blocks:
– EFC.2
– EFC.4
– EFCE.2
– EFCE.4
– EFS.2
– EFC.2/1+2
– EFC.4/1+2
– EFCE.2/1+2
– EFCE.4/1+2
– EFS.4
– EFC.2/2+2
– EFC.4/2+2
– EFCE.2/2+2
– EFCE.4/2+2
– EFF.4

Two-Levels Feed-Through, Earth, Disconnect and Fuse Holders Terminal Blocks:
– EFD.2
– EFD.4
– EFDE.2
– EFD.2/E
– EFD.4/E
– EFDE.4
– EFD.2/CI
– EFD.4/CI

Three-Levels Feed-Through and Earth Terminal Blocks:
– EFT.2
– EFTE.4
– EFT.2/CI
– EFTE.2

The new Certification continues to cover other terminal Blocks part of Cabur product portfolio such as spring type and screw type parts.

Differentiation is strategical in a competitive market and that’s why Cabur is committed to use high quality raw materials and specific design for its products to provide functionality and reliability over time for many different markets.

Obtaining conformities and certifications is an essential feature of the product portfolio: a further guarantee for operators in the sector about the reliability and safety of the wide range of Cabur solutions, as well as a key element for accessing specific markets.


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