Cabur new CIO series: Modbus-RTU programmable analog converters

Cabur new CIO series: Modbus-RTU programmable analog converters

Cabur new CIO series: Modbus-RTU programmable analog converters
Cabur always takes care technological evolution and customer satisfaction, for this reason we are proud to announce the launch of the new CIO converters with ModBus communication interface that, in addition to enriching the Automation and Control range, responds to the Industry 4.0 project.

The new CIO series offers speed, high connectivity and excellent resolution with the aim of simplifying the field signals control by the user.

Product list:
XCIO4VMB voltage signal converter
XCIO4IMB current signal converter
XCIO4RMB PT100, RTD and potentiometer sensors converter
XCIO4TMB thermocouple sensors converter
XCIO4RLYMB, relay output module

The products are all ready for delivery.

• High performance / price ratio
• Compact dimension, 4 channels in only 17.5 mm
• High signal quality with high resolution and safe electrical isolation
• Pluggable connection
• Configurable through the ModBus interface and in alternative with a USB port, no additional power supply is reqired
• Simplified configuration thanks to the CaburLab free software
• Direct connection to PLC with Modbus input or via gateway
• 3-way galvanic insulation
• Easy installation and maintenance

Examples of applications:
• Industrial automation and process control
• Monitoring in large plants
• Monitoring of photovoltaic plants
• Water treatment
• Building automation

Each device has up to four independent channels, it is remotely configurable through the ModBus interface and in alternative with a USB port with no need for additional power supply.
The devices are fully programmable by means of CaburLab free software application or directly accessing the ModBus registers by means of a PLC.

The XCIO4RLYMB can be configured to have a default safe condition called safestate that allows to set the state of the output when the power is off and/or when the device is remotely controlled.

They are equipped with a microprocessor that manages all devices, sending / receiving data and controlling a 16-bit A/D converter with high accuracy, necessary in the most common fields of use.
The inputs are galvanically separated from the serial and the power supply system to guarantee an insulation at least 1.5KVac. Extremely low absorption (≤1W at 24V).

The XCIO4 converters can be restored to the default status thanks to a RST reset signal, that can be activated via a jumper on the clamps or by a command sent on the ModBus.
Cabur, leading company in Italy in the electrical connections sector for over 67 years, develops and realises from its own designs a wide range of products for the electrotechnical and electronic industry renowned for their reliability also in extreme conditions of use.

Together to the terminal blocks, which is the core business of the company, electronic and installation products have been added over time together with industrial marking systems and innovative solutions for photovoltaic systems.


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