Industrial Marking Systems: new tags for terminal blocks
Industrial Marking Systems: new tags for terminal blocks
Cabur’s SmartPrint electrotechnical marking system is constantly evolving thanks to the constant research and integration of new features to simplify work and printing processes.

The range of consumables offered that are compatible with the printer consists of plastic, vinyl and adhesive materials designed for long-term reliability in industrial environments.

Recently, our offer has been enriched with new products such as the strips for marking  terminal blocks of the TMM series, tags in semi-rigid PVC to mark clamps of each size, available with or without adhesive, white or yellow, printable with SmartPrint.

TMMs have the following main features:
Material: Semi-rigid PVC 0,3mm
Working temperature: -30°C/+60°C
Rub resistance: CEI 16-7
Adhesive: 3M 99786

This product is suitable for marking many types of terminal blocks, both Cabur and other manufacturers and, is suitable for printed circuit terminals.

Printing is fast and accurate thanks to a dedicated feature of Cabur MarkinPro XT software, that allows to decide the pitch (ie the clamp width to be marked), using a single code to number many types of terminal blocks.
Running only one printing process, you can get up to 3 or 4 times the amount of TMM cards written compared to what you would get using rigid tags.

SmartPrint is the complete marking system that allows the identification of Cabur’s terminal blocks and other manufacturers and also single or bundled cables, push-buttons, electrical components and the complete marking of electrical panel enclosure.


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