New connectors Cabur Solar 1500V
New connectors Cabur Solar 1500V

it is a complete series that can support voltages up to 1500V and, therefore, can be applied both in projects that already include panels at 1500V and in existing plants at 600V and 1000V.

Cabur, leader in Italy in the renewable sector for many years, particularly in the field of solar energy, presents its new line of connectors for photovoltaic applications.

The new Cabur Solar LINE 4 improves performance and safety standards, offers greater flexibility to installers and guarantees compatibility with the market trend that is converging towards system voltages up to 1500V.

The series covers all connection needs within the photovoltaic system and consists of:

  • 4, 6, 10 mm2 male and female cable connectors
  • 4, 6 mm2 male female panel connectors
  • fuse holder connectors
  • Y connectors
  • accessories for crimping and stripping cables

The new photovoltaic connectors are part of the wide range of Cabur’s Solutions for Renewable Energy line, promoted in the 2021 catalog. The new edition also includes:

  • A widening of the offer on the string photovoltaic panels.
    In addition to the direct current switchboards, there are the latest generation ones that contain the DC section and the AC section (single-phase or three-phase) in the same stringbox, as well as the new panels with string monitoring circuit integrated. All the panels are certified according to the EN 61439-2 standard and are characterized by extreme compactness, due to the installation in a single stringbox in which the DC section is physically separated from the AC.
  • Connection accessories
  • The SPDs (Surge Protection Device) series for DC and AC applications
  • Components for monitoring photovoltaic strings


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