CABUR: new XBRI communication bridges

CABUR: new XBRI communication bridges

CABUR: new XBRI communication bridges

Cabur always takes care of technological evolution and customer satisfaction, for this reason we are proud to announce the launch of the new XBRI communication bridges increasing the Automation and Control catalogue offer for Industry 4.0 related projects.

The XBRI series is made of 3 different models, two physical layer devices and one physical and application layer device.

Product list:

  • BRI_RS485_ET
    Physical layer converter from Ethernet to RS485, without protocol conversion
  • BRI_RS485_WI
    Physical layer converter from 802.11std (WiFi) to RS485, without protocol conversion
  • BRI_RS485_CP
    Physical and application layer converter from ModBUS TCP on Ethernet to ModBUS RTU on RS485, with protocol conversion


  • Compact size
  • Pluggable connections
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Compatible with XCIO4 devices
  • Remote monitoring
  • Configuration available through telnet or web page

Examples of applications

  • Industrial automation and process control
  • Large plants monitoring
  • Photovoltaic plants monitoring
  • Water treatment
  • Building automation

The first two devices allow the modbus RTU communication over Ethernet without protocol conversion. The last device allows the protocol conversion from modbus RTU to modbus TCP.

Considering a subnet composed of modbus RTU slaves and we can manage such slaves with a modbus TCP master (for example a PLC). In order to do that we need to use a
XBRIRS485CP that converts the protocol from TCP to RTU.

The XBRI series products have compact sizes, they are easy to program via command prompt or web page (depending on the model). These features make it an interesting product and easy to use in the industrial sector

Cabur bridge XBRI


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