Cabur: new XCSU5220W024VAA DC-UPS

CABUR XCSU5220W024VAA Uninterruptible power supplies DC/DC UPS accessory

This product is the technical evolution of the current XCSUPS1 (24Vdc) of the Cabur CSU series battery charger range.

The XCSU5220W024VAA device is able to supply the load and to charge a backup battery at the same time, in order to ensure the service continuities.

When in backup mode (the load is supplied by the battery), it continuously checks the battery voltage avoiding deep discharging situations.

Furthermore, this device is able to start the loads only with the batteries, therefore without the primary voltage.

CABUR XCSU5220W024VAA Uninterruptible power supplies DC/DC UPS accessory

Strong points

  • Suitable for 1.2Ah up to 40Ah batteries in normal charge mode
  • Switch selector for se the charge current (2A or 4A max)
  • Battery start-up mode
  • Alarm contact related to the input voltage status
  • No software needed
  • LED indications about the device status
  • Protection fuse against load or battery damages
  • Very compact size
  • Push-in connection mode, no need tools to install


  • Industrial automation and process control
  • Building and home automation
  • All the applications where the service continuity must be guaranteed


The product is already available for sale.


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