Cabur DIN rail 240W DC-UPS CSU series

Cabur DIN rail 240W DC-UPS CSU series

Cabur DIN rail 240W DC-UPS CSU series

Cabur always takes care of technological evolution and customer satisfaction, for this reason we are proud to announce the launch of the new product for the CSU series, Automation and Control Solutions line.

The device, connected to a DC power supply, allows, at the same time, to supply the load and to charge a backup battery, in order to avoid service discontinuities.

XCSU5240W024VAA, is the technical evolution of the current XCSUPS1 (24Vdc) and XCSUPS2 (12Vdc) models.

During the start-up phase, the 12Vdc or the 24Vdc mode is automatically selected based upon the input voltage.

An internal converter properly regulates the battery charge voltage while the load is normally supplied by the external power supply.

The internal microprocessor manages the battery charge process and its maintenance. The user can select the battery capacity through a dedicated dip-switch configuration.
When in backup mode (the load is supplied by the battery), the device continuously checks the battery health avoiding deep discharging situations which can affect the battery life .
A timer is also available a timer in order to switch off the load, after a certain time, when in battery mode. This allows to save energy and to preserve the battery health at the same time.


  • Industrial automation and process control
  • Building and home automation
  • All the applications where the service continuity must be guaranteed
Cabur DIN rail 240W DC-UPS CSU series


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